5 Important Things You Must Now Before Buying A Cutting Disc

Disc Material

Cutting discs are usually made from aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. Aluminum oxide discs are generally used for alloy steel, iron, and non-ferrous metals. Silicon carbide discs, on the other hand, are ideal for working with stone, rubber, and non-ferrous metals like brass, aluminum, and bronze. You need to select the disc material according to the metal you will be cutting.

Disc Size

Discs come in various sizes, and the size you need will depend on the type of work you’ll be doing. A larger disc will be capable of deeper cuts and will typically last longer, but it may not be as precise as a smaller disc. If you’re doing detailed work, a smaller disc may be a better choice. Ensure that the size of the disc matches the specifications of your cutting tool.

Thickness of the Disc

The thickness of the disc determines how much metal it can remove with each cut, the type of cut (clean or rough), and its durability. Thin discs can make very clean cuts but may wear out quickly or break with heavy use. Thicker discs are more durable but may not provide as clean a cut.

Safety Ratings and Certifications

Always check if the cutting disc adheres to the safety standards. Look for discs that have certifications such as EN12413, ISO, or oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) as these are produced under strict safety criteria. Safety should always be a priority when dealing with cutting tools.

Brand Reputation

While not necessarily a concrete rule, purchasing from a reputable brand can often mean higher quality and safety standards. Look for reviews and ask for recommendations if you’re unsure. The manufacturer should provide complete product details and stand behind their product if any issue arises. Merryland cutting disc will always be one of your best choices!


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